Inspiration 401: Back to School DIY Edition. So, we’ve shown you how to fix up those boring walls in your dorm room, but what about the rest of your space? What can you do to tackle the rest of your room?

Starting off with the windows— if you’re lucky enough to have a nice window— how are you going to keep all that darn light out after you were up too late “studying”? Solution: Wool Blanket Curtain project.

Moving on to tables, because everyone has those silly lack tables from Ikea these days, here’s a project that’ll tell you how to easily customize them with some fabric and thumbtacks.

If you’re more interested in customizing the things you actually keep and carry daily, look no further! There’s this sweet leather envelope phone case project.

Or maybe you still need a sleeve for your laptop, because you can’t find one that’s pretty or within your budget? Well, here’s another easy project from the great peeps at Design Sponge that’ll help you create your own electronics sleeve.

If you’re not so much into sewing, stapling, or thumb tacks, there are these awesome reusable plastic connectors. Perfect for making and reusing with fabric, cardboard, plastic, and whatever else your brilliant, soon-to-be college degree holding brain can imagine!

So, which DIY project would you like to tackle?

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